SSMV Workshop 2023 

This is a 4-day summer workshop at the level of high school students on the topic of the EIC. Each day includes a 30-40 minute lecture followed by hands on session where students can run python jupyter notebook via binder. The goal of this workshop is to introduce the exciting area of research related to the EIC and to study fundamental particles and what makes up a proton. 

The github page is available here 

For the individual groups - try this link where you need to replace # with your desk number.  

Day 1: Simulating collisions of electrons and protons at various energies indicate the composite nature of the proton - pdf 

Day 2 : Momentum is conserved before and after the collision taking into account all the particles produced - pdf

Day 3 : The number of particles produced from the break-up of the proton depends on the energy of the collision - more energy leads to more particles - pdf

Day 4 : Detecting the electron via its deflection is crucial to understand the energy at which we probe the proton and thus to learn whats inside it - pdf