Fun and Hobbies

I have been a huge fan of the LOTR ever since i saw the movies as a teenager. My favorite movie of the trilogy is the 'Fellowship of the Ring' - I will respectively argue with anyone for days on this regard :) I also enjoy the Hobbit movies and will watch them for fun every so often so dont even try and argue with me that they arent great... 

I have recently been engrossed in all of Tolkein's legendarium and really really enjoyed the Silmarillion and the Unfinished tales. 

We have two cats (bonded brothers) who we adopted in 2018 from the Michigan humane society and named Fili and Kili. They take up a lot of our time, lives and about 95% of the photos on our phones! 

I started to enjoy running long distances during the PhD, mainly as an escape mechanism from long hours of staring at the computer screen. This recently culminated in me running my first marathon in Detroit 2019. I finished with a time of 5:04 hrs and I consider that one of my most amazing experiences! I have recently run half marathons in the New Haven/Hamden CT area at around the 2-2:13 hrs and am currently training to finish within 1:45. My goal before I turn 40 would be to participate and finish the New York and Boston marathon at least once. I love listening to podcasts on my runs as they let me essentially forget about the issues of the work day and concentrate on a topic while i disassociate from the run. I could not have finished the Detroit marathon without the help of amazing 'The Dream' podcast by Jane Marie and Dann Gallucci. I am currently absolutely enthralled by the 'Youre wrong about' and 'Maintenance Phase' podcasts to name a couple on my recent runs. 

I'm also an avid cricket fan of the Indian womens and mens cricket team. Being a chennai kid, am also a huge fan of Chennai Super Kings (CSK)! and yes i think that people in general dont know the difference between match fixing and betting! Love soccer and have been a Real Madrid fan since 1998 as I followed the career of the real Ronaldo, my most favorite player of all time. You can often find me on the weekends watching sports on multiple screens :)

I love traveling and enjoy hiking and going on long walks in new cities to learn and see parts of cities that arent on the normal touristy map! 

Also enjoy finding local breweries sampling beer! have slowly fallen off the IPA track and have started to enjoy pilsners and lighter lagers...(possibly a sign of getting older)