RKE Group and collaborators 

Group members at Vanderbilt 

Dr. Benjamin Kimelman

Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Spring 2023 - )

PhD 2022, UC Davis 

Research Interests - 

Dr. Jussi Viinikainen

Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Fall 2022 - )

PhD 2017 University of Jyväskylä

Research Interests - 

Jennifer James

Graduate Student (Fall 2022 - )

Jet substructure measurements at sPHENIX

Christopher Platte

Graduate Student (Fall 2022 - )

Heavy flavor jets and Machine Learning at sPHENIX

McKenna Sleeth

Graduate Student (co-advised by
Prof. J-F Pacquet) (Fall 2022 - )

Photon fragmentation within Jets in data and from JETSCAPE at RHIC energies 

Laurynette Griffin

Graduate Student (Fall 2023 - )

Jet substructure at RHIC w/ sPHENIX

Si Pybus

Undergraduate Student
(Vanderbilt Class of 2024)

Jet substructure studies at the LHC 

Allison Sellers

High School Student (SSMV)
(Spring - Fall 2023)

EIC simulation studies of heavy flavor hadronization  

Savion Johnson

Undergraduate Student
Vanderbilt Class of 2024

Machine learning studies of jet quenching at the LHC

Close collaborators (Students)

Nuno Olavo

Masters Student w/ Dr. Liliana Apolinario, 2022

Youqi Song (Yale)

PhD Student advised by Prof. Helen Caines

Andrew Tamis (Yale)

PhD Student advised by Prof. Helen Caines

Monika Robotkova (NPI, Czech)

PhD Student advised by Prof. Jana Bielchikova

Former Mentees and Group Members 

Georgi Ponimatkin

Masters Student at NPI, Prague advised by
Prof. Jana Bielchikova 

Now - PhD student @ Paris on AI/ML

Dr. Isaac Mooney

PhD student at Wayne State, advised by
Prof. Joern Putschke 

Now - Postdoc @ Yale 

Jitka Mrazkova
(NPI, Czech)

Masters Student advised by Prof. Jana Bielchikova

Now - PhD student @ NPI