ROOT Tutorial for undergrad and early graduate students 


This is a tutorial that I provided to summer students and also incoming graduate students at Rutgers during 2017. As the github readme file states, this tutorial heavily relied upon an excellent set of summer student lecturs from previous years at CERN. There are several python notebooks which once can follow and run on the browser to practice the examples. 

STAR Analysis software 

This is a tutorial on analysis software internal to STAR for beginning graduate students and also advanced undergraduate. I prepared this during summer 2021 for junior graduate students at Yale. The bulk of the toolkit is provided as a docker container which one will have to pull onto an rcf environment and follow the instructions provided. 

This includes ROOT6, fastjet, RooUnfold, data file-reader classes and additional functionality that is usually needed for a STAR analysis. 

Since this is internal code specific to STAR, it is not available publicly on github but is accessible via RCAF and is located here - /gpfs01/star/pwg/elayavalli/stpicoAna

New Haven Science Fair


I am a very big fan of science fairs at school (any levels) and have tried to be a part of it, either as a student during my schooling days or as a judge (in the past) and currently as a mentor! 

This was one of my most fulfilling experiences in early 2021 (soon after moving to the New Haven area) where I had the opportunity to be a mentor on a project done by an amazing 7th grader and her student at the Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School. She later won 3rd place in the biological category for her project! I am incredibly excited to mentor the next generation of students and encourage their curiosity and scientific thinking, and more importantly, learn from them! I look forward to my continued participation in the science fair as a mentor for the 2021 school year where we hope to meet the students in person and work on exciting projects.